Types of Home Heating Systems

Have you ever wondered how you heat your home?

Maybe you know the difference between a furnace and a boiler -maybe you don’t!


Furnaces aka “Central Heat”

Furnaces work by blowing warm air around your home through duct work, entering the room through grills or registers. It is preferred by homeowners like to feel the heat as soon as they crank up their thermostat. A fan distributes the warm air though the duct work of the home.

Boilers aka “Radiant Heating”

Boilers work by carrying hot water throughout closed loops throughout the homes. These loops may be exposed through radiators or contained within the floor (better known as “infloor” heating.) These systems are more complex in that they rely on circulators and zone valves to distribute the heat -enabling a homeowner to control the temperatures in different areas of the home.

Boilers also have the ability to provide customers with their domestic hot water. This added benefit can be cost & energy efficient for the homeowner.

Check out this website for more information & diagrams on these two primary options of heating your home: MORE INFO