March 17th, 2020 10am.

We have implemented the following measures to protect the health and well-being of our staff & patrons: 

  • We are pre-screening scheduled appointments
    • If you have a scheduled appointment, you can expect a call before we come to assess the risk of exposure to the virus
    • Any customers who have travelled outside of the country, been in contact with someone who has travelled, or is experiencing any symptoms are being cancelled until further notice
  • We are using online/paperless invoicing to minimize contact between our team & customers
  • We are only accepting payment via e-transfers and credit over-the-phone
  • We are closing our office to the public indefinitely
  • We are limiting our visits to the wholesalers 
  • Our team is equipped with gloves, disinfectant and cleaning procedures to carry out between appointments
  • Any staff who travel outside of the country MUST self-quarantine themselves for 14 days upon their return

In addition:

We will not be scheduling regular cleanings/maintenance /routine services until further notice.

We are continuing full oil delivery services and do not expect any interruptions.

Remember, our emergency service team is committed to the Barracuda Community.


Be safe. Be kind.

For information regarding the virus and any developments, please refer to the following resources:

From the Federal Government:

From the Provincial Government:

From Public Health 811: