No Heat?

Don’t be left in the cold, we are here to help! If you find you are without heat, there are a few things we can walk you through to save you time & money. If it turns out that it isn’t a simple fix, then we are only a call away!

Barracuda Heating & Fuels offers 24/7 for emergency no heat service to all of our customers.

Is your thermostat working?

thermostat batteries

As simple as this sounds, your thermostat is sometimes the culprit of your no heat situation.

It could be as simple as your batteries being dead -check your batteries!

It could also be that your thermostat is not calling for heat, due to a subtle difference between the actual room temperature and what the thermostat is reading. To test this, simply turn your thermostat up 5-10 degrees to see if this more significant change in temperature makes a call for heat, thereby turning the furnace on.

 Is your emergency switch on?

Often times your emergency switch for your heating system is located at or outside the door to the furnace room, or at the top of your basement stairs. It is toggle switch with a red switch plate simply labelled “Emergency, On, Off.”

It’s important to ensure it is in the “On” position, as sometimes it can be bumped or turned off in error.

Note: If you try the reset on your burner, and nothing happens at all, it is likely a power issue. The first thing you are going to want to check in this situation is that your emergency switch is turned on.

Are you out of fuel?

The easiest way to find out if you are out of fuel is to check your gauge. To avoid a run-out, Barracuda is pleased to offer automatic delivery to all customers at no additional charge. With the busy schedules and weather variations we have all experienced this winter, we take the worry out of oil delivery. To sign up for automatic at our discounted prices, click here.

If you have checked all of the above, you can try pressing the reset button on your furnace or water heater.

Oil Equipment Reset Instructions
  • Locate the burner—a large box sticking out from the heating system
  • Riello, Beckett, Aero
  • On the burner there is a red button which is the‘reset’ button.
  • Press the reset button once and hold it for a few seconds
  • Release the button
  • Within 10 seconds, the burner should fire.
  • If the burner does not fire, do NOT press it again!**
  • Call a Barracuda Tech at (902)576-3020.


Every time you hit the reset button, it pumps oil into the firing chamber. After pushing the button multiple times, when the burner finally re-fires it will be flooded, and ignite all that excess fuel at once. This is dangerous and can cause a kick back upon ignition.

Final Advice:

When in doubt, call us. We are available 24/7 for a helpful voice or a service visit from a certified technician. These are just a few tricks that could potentially help you save time and money!