Oil Delivery with Barracuda.

Barracuda has been built with our reputation for being honest and loyal to our customers. When faced with the decision to deliver oil or not, the treatment of our service community was top of mind. Many of our customers are like neighbours -over the decades we have shared stories, experiences & even recipes!

“With opportunity comes responsibility.”

Instinctively, sharing reliable oil delivery services at fair prices became our responsibility to our neighbours and communities. The best part, was that paying these fair prices for heating oil with Barracuda did not compromise the full service offerings. With our in-house certified technicians, we would continue to provide the high quality services & products to keep our families warm.

Our commitment to be the “one-call for all your heating needs” became our reality.

When deciding when to join the Barracuda Community, consider this:

We offer full heating services.  We are a one-stop shop for all of your heating related needs. The Barracuda Community enjoys 24/7-365 emergency no-heat service by our Red Seal technicians.

It is the exact same oil as the other companies. In fact, our truck could literally fill up right behind another oil truck from regional oil company, followed by another truck from a national oil company. We all fill from the same terminals.

We Offer Automatic Delivery. If you prefer not to think about your oil level throughout the year, let us do that for you. Automatic delivery is a complimentary service we provide to ensure your family is always warm, so why not?

We Offer Budget Payments.  If you are interested in monthly payments for your automatic delivery, we set up auto-withdraw payment plans for no extra charge. You pay the same list rate as everyone else -there is NO fee for this service.

Barracuda’s ability to support and invest in our communities, is why we do what we do. 

The potential impact is endless, with your support.