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Heating System Installation

Are you thinking about installing a brand new heating system or retrofitting an old one? Whether oil, propane or natural gas, our licensed installers will walk you through the process—from start to finish.

Annual Maintenance

Get peace-of-mind by scheduling annual maintenance with Barracuda Heating. Keeping your heating system in tip-top shape avoids costly problems later.


Have a new noise, squeal, or banging that you haven’t heard before? It may be time for a service call. Our Red Seal Technicians are here to diagnose and repair these issues in a timely manner. Our extensive network of wholesalers work with our team to source the parts you need for the operation of your system.

No Heat Service

Sometimes emergencies just happen. Our friendly staff and efficient technicians make it easy to get back on track with our 24/7 emergency services. Within minutes of placing a call, our technician will be in contact with you to arrange your visit.

Reminder Calls

Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to schedule appointments or what days we scheduled appointments on. With Barracuda, we offer our customers a reminder call, whether it be a reminder that your furnace is due for a tune up or to let you know we are heading your way!

Appointment Windows

We appreciate that your time is valuable, and proudly offer appointment times in 2-hour windows.

On-site Consultations

Let our licensed technicians help you make the right heating choice for your home or business with a free, on-site consultation. And don’t worry, with Barracuda Mechanical you don’t deal with salespeople—just expert technical advisers.

Financing Options

Investing in a heating upgrade shouldn’t break the bank. Our affordable pricing and convenient financing options make it easy to find a payment solution that works for your budget.

Furnace Installations

Whether you want to retrofit a warm air replacement furnace to your existing duct work or you’re looking for an oil furnace that you can hide away in tight quarters, our expert staff will find the right product to meet your needs.

Boiler Installations

When you’re looking for flexibility, oil boilers are the perfect choice. They’re versatile enough for use with a wide variety of existing heat delivery systems, from steel panel radiators to in-floor radiant heat.

Natural Gas/Propane Furnace Install

Natural gas and propane furnaces are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly heating alternative. Set up an on-site consultation and let our expert technicians recommend the most energy efficient way to install a natural gas or propane  furnace in your home.

Natural Gas/Propane Boiler Install

Reduce your fuel cost with one of our economical gas boilers. Because we only sell boilers with the highest efficiency levels available, we’ll save you money and keep you warm at the same time.

Oil Water Heating

Never take a cold shower again. When you buy an oil water heater from Barracuda, you’ll have a constant supply of hot water—no matter how much laundry you do. Better yet, if you switch from electric, you’ll avoid those high monthly energy bills.

Natural Gas/Propane Water Heaters

Your hot water heater is probably one of the biggest energy consumers in your home, second only to space heating costs. When you’re installing a new hot water heater or replacing an old one, choosing a cost-efficient option just makes sense.

Indirect Water Heating

Why not use your gas or oil furnace to heat your water? Indirect water heaters are great at storing energy, so they don’t need to run as often as a traditional hot water heater. Choose an indirect water heater with a well-insulated tank and you’re sure to save money.

Let our knowledgeable staff recommend an oil tank you can rely on. Our high quality tanks include features like leak detection systems, steel double walls, and fiberglass. Make a choice that’s safe for you and your environment by exploring our environmental oil tank options.


The Granby Ecogard Steel Tank:

The Ecogard Steel oil tank is equipped with a double bottom leak protection system. Granby has a 25 year warranty  on manufacturing defects and internal corrosion.  With 60+ years of experience, Granby Industries is known for its quality and proven track record in innovation and design, offering peace of mind to their customers. All Granby tanks are manufactured in Quebec -Barracuda proudly supports these Canadian made products.

Vilco Fiberglass Oil Tank

The Vilco Fiberglass Tank:

Each Vilco tank is factory-tested and meets the highest quality standards (ULC and UL). Vilco uses the latest technology and manufacture fiberglass tanks that are 100% fire, frost, impact, and weather resistant. Moreover, they offer a 30-year warranty against internal and external corrosion. The tanks are made with large handles to ensure safe handling and are provided with solid fiberglass supports for excellent stability. Vilco Tanks are manufactured locally, in Waverley, NS. Barracuda Heating is a proud supporter of these local products.

Check out our blog for more information on replacing your oil tank.

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    From free quotes to financing, we’ll help you stick to your budget without compromising on quality.

  • 3. High Quality

    We only work with the most trusted suppliers, ensuring that you get the best products available.

  • 4. Recommended

    Our highly trained technicians provide free on-site consultations in order to recommend the best option for your home or business.

  • 5. Convenient

    We’ll install your new product… fast! Once you request a work order, you’ll have an appointment in no time.

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When you buy from Barracuda, you can rest easy knowing that every product we carry has a proven track record. We maintain a close relationship with only the best suppliers so that we stay up-to-date on the most reliable, efficient products available.

Better yet, when it comes time to have your new product installed, you won’t have to wait. At Barracuda, we’re fast. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service, 2-hour appointment windows, and same-day conversions.